For The New Year, Post-Scriptum Business Plan Scheduling The Commercialization Of The BRAMSTOCKER Music As Frontman Fred Kelly Replies To Question-Tweets!

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For The New Year, Post-Scriptum Business Plan Scheduling The Commercialization Of The BRAMSTOCKER Music As Frontman Fred Kelly Replies To Question-Tweets!

BRAMSTOCKER Report: A lot of questions about illegal drugs in the Rock business, Fred! Can you reply? Is there a problem about this nwadays?

Fred Kelly: sure. Rock is a culture, it’s sad it’s connected to the use of drugs sometimes in the writing of journalists or at the Court!

BRAMSTOCKER Report: your legal name’s American electoral platform for the Presidential Election this year was proposing some reforms??

Fred Kelly: yes, I’m also American and proud of it. Fred Kelly is my official Screen Actors Guild name. Proud of it too. The USA are great!!

Fred Kelly: regarding the problem of the drugs, I think there must be a way to solve it in the next 10 years but it’s about US politics.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: in the Mike Fuller program (a mix fiction-reality), your projects were to give more power to doctors all over the USA!?

Fred Kelly: true. The BRAMSTOCKER is 100% drug free and I am the best example of a rocker who never use heroin or cocaine or whatever.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: but there is always this bad reputation for Rock stars and non-stars to be drug addicted sometimes, right? Bad thing!

Fred Kelly: that’s a fact. Drugs are a part of this universe that changed the world in the 60s and later. We can be careful to show us free.

Fred: if people feel sick they must go to their doctor, doctors must be more connected to Rock. There are good medications that are legal!

BRAMSTOCKER Report: obviously. If people want drugs, it means that they are sick or ill? Controls by doctors can improve social Rock life?

Fred Kelly: I think so. Dealers are not sick people’s best friends! We must be against drugs but helping the victims of this danger for us!

BRAMSTOCKER Report: Scientology is against medecines and doctors, by the way. Will your legal name continue political action in America?

Fred Kelly: no for now. MIKE FULLER is just a Comic Strip anymore (about a President who could be ours!). Fiction can improve reality!

BRAMSTOCKER Report: in the States, you are a part of the actors community, even if your main residence is abroad. What do you think about

Fred Kelly: acting for me is like for The Beatles. I’m still looking for funding with my band for the making of FRENCH COP (since 2006!!).

BRAMSTOCKER Report: your LA best friends are The Mötley Crüe. Your music is close to their original sound? Are they going to inspire you +?

Fred Kelly: for the staging maybe and the Look. I was there for their Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They are cool and spectacular!

BRAMSTOCKER Report: the new songs. They are less political, less about the revolution, right? I read some lyrics. Are you an old band now??

Fred Kelly: The Sex Pistols in London were fascinated by Anarchy, we were involved in progress in Nice, it’s true with a big France change!

Fred Kelly: The BRAMSTOCKER will never be old, we die, other musicians come. Our first producer passed away in the 90’s, 2 guitarists too.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: I heard the titles SUMMER, OF MY LIFE, COUPLE WITH YOU, LEOPARD, do you want to record an EP, first? Could be nice.

Fred Kelly: a film with the 2 repertoires. Ep possible. OF MY LIFE is really in an Offspring style, SUMMER Green Day, COUPLE WITH ME Marley!

BRAMSTOCKER Report: I didn’t know Bob Marley was a Punk. It’s incredible you play the old songs the same than in 77. I like JE VEUX SAVOIR!

BRAMSTOCKER Report: thank you, Sir. I’ll be back when more questions from the fandom. Be great for the weekend and feel well to inform us.

Fred Kelly: you’re welcome. I prepare the 18 Showcase at L’Arêne, our HQ. There will be a Flyer asap, an iconic one, Warhol oriented too.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: sorry, we didn’t speak about light illegal drugs according to readers, are you Pro-Marijuana in the US or in France???

Fred Kelly: it’s a complicated subject. I am close to the Police because of our film project (The FRENCH COP) and I read it’s gonna be Ok in

Fred Kelly: in several States. In my homestate (California), it was medical with shops in LA from the beginning of my stay. I think it is

Fred Kelly: possible to imagine some freedom about it. But the law must be clear. In France there is no project to legalize it. Wait and see

BRAMSTOCKER Report: thank you because this is an important subject. People are following the news, not only about hard drugs! Let’s wait.

Fred Kelly: I’m a smoker but only regular cigarettes!! I understand it’s important for a lot. I’m for liberalism. Your questions are great!


BRAMSTOCKER Report: so Paris Hilton now, but let’s be back to your Beatles relationship. They are your Yesterday’s surprise on Twitter?

Fred Kelly: BRAMSTOCKER is a social band with a message: love and no war between human beings. John Lennon said the same. I don’t like fools

BRAMSTOCKER Report: I can see you are in a good mood. What about this event December 18? Nice did not deserve so much creativity maybe?

Fred Kelly: it was our London in 1977, it’s still the same. People are back to the Punk, LA is an old memory for me. The 18, we invite the

population for a rehearsal.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: of course. You do that because it’s a new format or a very old one for VIPs, close friends. Everything will be Youtube?

Fred Kelly: I’m 100%. Concerts create a gap, a hiatus between us & them, meaning you. Talk about The Beatles, Im here for them, they follow!

BRAMSTOCKER Report: they invented modern Rock!? You know everything about them. They are your parents? Why Lennon was so charismatic?

Fred Kelly: he was like me a person with a destiny, I can say. Paul was more social with the journalists. Anyway, I want to to tell them

We’re still here (or there or anywhere), whatever.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: so, that’s it? We finished late last night the interview, speaking about Lennon. Your Twitter policy is to focus on it?

Fred Kelly: sure. On the Internet, Twitter is a tool to stay less underground. I checked our followers and glad to be also followed by

The official twitter channel for Prime Minister David Cameron’s office, based at 10 Downing Street.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: great, let us know when more Very important persons will show you interest. True that you rock in a very British way.

Fred Kelly: by the way, our 15 news songs are in English. On the other hand, still proud to be French, in the South, promoting our 77 tunes.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: one told me there is 1 exception with a big song in French for discotheques? That could be great 2 dance with you, guys!

Fred Kelly: that’s correct. French is a beautiful language with emotion and good vibs. I have to go now, I will stay in touch. Like Tweets.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: David Gilmour, is it a personal choice?

Fred Kelly: no my album was Dark Side of The Moon, after I was lost. Pink Floyd is more for friends who like progressive. I enjoy to listen.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: Hollywood now is far away. The BRAMSTOCKER is not your only activity. What about acting? You’re more known as a writer?

Fred Kelly: Yes. I played 1 day in the new Nicole Kidman movie in October about Grace of Monaco. No news. I’d like to act in a Swedish film.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: your girlfriend is Swedish, there they like a lot Rock’n roll music, right? In October, you also began The PUNK STORIES!

Fred Kelly: I adore Comic Strips that give the right mood for the day. Before the Staccato event, I wanted to create some funny characters!

BRAMSTOCKER Report: this is pretty hilarious but need nore diffusion, to my mind. What else? The Rolling Stones play tomorrow in NYC?

Fred Kelly: it’s what I read. I’ll be in Nice preparing Xmas and the showcase in 2 weeks. I want to tell you some ideas about our line-up.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: this is always important but, from the beginning, The BRAMSTOCKER looks like a team more than individuals tgt, correct?

Fred Kelly: the line-up is a question of opportunity for a band who never signed with a corporate label. Look, we are 35 years old and free.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: one told me that the 1st lineup members want no personal publicity. They are not in the music biz anymore, Ok with that.

Fred Kelly: exactly, they deserve respect and support in their life and career. Post-Scriptum will send them a compensation if breakthrough.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: you mean that as teenagers, you were victims of the Show Biz in 77, French and British as it’s a UK A&R who refused you?

Fred Kelly: completely, I was lucky to prepare the Sciences-Po in Paris and never quit the industry but for the 4 of us, it was a disaster.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: now, it’s all about History and you are still there, I mean you Fred to continue the “Dream”, becoming Rock stars, true?

Fred Kelly: me and the 2013 line-up, anti-stars, I would say, but more popular in the medias. It’s boring to be too underground, you know.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: the Band, more featured, to sale records too, a regular rock career, anyway? This can be possible, I think, it depends.

Fred Kelly: yeah, we’re working on it. We have this great deal with the Nice small business POST-SCRIPTUM, we can’t be refused as before.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: you’re a legend thanks to the culture market of the Rock industry but no money until now, it’s gonna change everything!

Fred Kelly: no we have our network because we had some great ideas, to publish a magazine in the 80’s and create a non-profit still in Nice.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: plus, you’re a social community, more with the Internet, with solidarity and a project of empowerment of the Rock life?

Fred Kelly: if you say so. The BRAMSTOCKER cannot be only about music as I’m the only professional, right now, of the team. We need Context.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: musicians playing in the band are guests until now ’cause no record deal. It’s gonna change in 2013. Who would you like?

Fred Kelly: I was on the phone to book the rehearsal studio where we will play the 18. It’s a historic place of Punk and Rock in Nice.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: by the way, you informed you stopped the Web as you’re not satisfied. A personal decision? Never more BRAMSTOCKER here!

Fred Kelly: I’m following Bob Dylan jurisprudence, according to me. I don’t want to express myself on the Internet about legal name’s life.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: makes a lot of sense. You need privacy now after huge transparence regarding your other activities that aren’t Music?

Fred Kelly: yeah! It’s true that it’s a little paradoxical but here we aren’t on my personal Web organization. I stopped my important blog.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: I’m sure it’s not definitive and everybody is happy. You still with us. Was necessary to focus on one subject: Rock.

Fred Kelly: I’m surprised, it’s not clear. At the same time, here I speak for BRAMSTOCKER, a band with social responsability and activism.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: So, the line-up?

Fred Kelly: yes we are all a family in Nice in the Rock-Punk community since Galopin concert we organized with Dentist (Now Playboys) in 77.

Fred Kelly: for instance, Frank, Playboys bassist, played in Bramstocker many times. In October, we had the drummer of The Electric Mormons.

Fred Kelly: in January, I would like permanent members of the band or famous guests. Nice people anyway or Paris fellows. I believe in Love.

PUNK STORIES, by BRAMSTOCKER. The Comic Strip created in October 2012.

PUNK STORIES, by BRAMSTOCKER. The Comic Strip created in October 2012.


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