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A Fairy Tale That Finished By A Lawsuit! BrAmStOcKeR Ready For The 2017 Challenge To Get More Power For Mike FULLER!

We are now in 2017 and the band’s decision is to write more on this blog to network about the silence around us.

Donald TRUMP has been elected and starting his mandate with his emblematic program to build the famous Wall. We know 2 walls: the Berlin one and the PINK FLOYD album one. This third wall is so expensive, billions of dollars are necessary to build it. It appears more than ever during the campaign a delusion to some extend.

To some extend, we are Punk meaning also Civic since the 2000’s and we are building not a wall but a COOPERATION. We do politics when necessary and here in America right now it is necessary. Our candidate is also our shadow President: Mr. Mike FULLER who is like us, never published in the mainstream of the mass medias is our man and we have the objective to organize with him this nonprofit to prepare a Secretary of the Arts that President TRUMP could accept if he is comfortable with the opposition.

This structure will be AMERICAN CULTURE(S) DEPARTMENT and we can be proud to invite everybody in the UNDERGROUND universe of our Country to participate in it, this Spring. Our founder Frederic VIDAL is now a fictional hero’s name or even a Super Hero for new stories to be published immediately by ACD with our budget supported by the State of California and the City of San Francisco, we hope, as we are together for another policy than Washington.

For now, there is the RUSSIANGATE, a famous report by our Presidential leader to the Supreme Court. TRUMP maybe will resign or the election will be cancelled this year because too much is too much. Our band blacklisted for 40 years, BrAmStOcKeR, our Frederic gone after a decade of Mission Impossible, MR. FULLER social difficulties looking like a real ostracism: our part of the study is as important as the President’s one more focusing on money, sex, politics and this fascinating State of Russia.

We were from FRANCE and the connection is obvious with USSR, the previous Federation of RUSSIA, that was communist. The present Moscow (Russian capital) does not feel good at all with Punk. The PUSSY RIOTS legal problems are the proof of it spectacularly. So, how can we forget that EUROPE, after the severe defeat of the Germans military transformed by the national socialist ideology of the Swastika, was far away from the United States and Paris was closer to the SOVIET UNION (the other name of the USSR representing RUSSIA at that time).

So the RUSSIANGATE will conclude this saga of chaos and disturbances to give the right strategy to have a Career Possible for us, FULLER and TRUMP with or without the Presidency for the 2 men. 4 letters are scheduled in February, the 1st, the 8, the 15 and the 22 by Mike to Donald. His first name that is the same than the Vice-President’s one is a good sign in order to have a reply from the White House before the end of the year TO SHARE THE POWER just a little bit with the young, the alternates, the subculture who does not want NO FUTURE anymore.

I will be your advocate, you lawyer for the lawsuit that is not something that will be delayed. Mike FULLER is victim of slander and ostracism and only justice can prevent it for his rights not to be considered wrong anymore. Our shadow President is not evil but fair.

Fred KELLY, leadsinger

Welcome fans of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, your dream will become a reality if we succeed to continue together UNITED and SELF-CONFIDENT with our difference and our debate about HOW TO BE HAVING A GOOD TIME.