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Frederic Kelly gives us his impressions of the 1960’s before Tonight Show mixing all the Generations of The Rock’n Roll History of Fame and Longevity.

Les Rolling Stones, c’est toute ma vie. Ils ont commencé, j’avais 3 ans et j’ai continué avec eux. Je suis maintenant le spectateur participant de leur merveilleux anniversaire; le 50ème. les choses sont claires, ils m’ont donné l’idée de The BRAMSTOCKER. En les écoutant, j’ai compris que Le Rock, c’est la Voie Sacrée pour tout le monde qui leveut. Merci de votre patience, on arrive dans Les Médias l’année prochaine, nous les BRAMSTOCKER et on sera pas seuls, toute une nouvelle génération de groupe arrive, en France comme à l’étranger, grâce aux Etats-Unis paraît-il car TIMEFRAMES (le nouvel Hollywood) veille au bon rapport Musique-Cinéma.

Fred Kelly, frontman of The BRAMSTOCKER.

12 12 12 : l’événement, c’est la BIENFAISANCE ROCK et POP en Amérique.

1 + 2 = 3. The third generation of Rock'n roll begins now. First, the music, secondly, the lyrics, now the social (audience).

1 + 2 = 3. The third generation of Rock’n roll begins now. First, the music, secondly, the lyrics, now the social (audience).

Retour des Stones et des Beatles à la Télévision Américaine ce soir, LE 12. C’est le Grand Moment que nous attendions, pour relancer le Rock, c’est-à-dire La Planète!!
The Sandy Concert improves Social Democracy In America: with the Stones, Paul des Beatles and Bon Jovi and so many other Artists.


For The New Year, Post-Scriptum Business Plan Scheduling The Commercialization Of The BRAMSTOCKER Music As Frontman Fred Kelly Replies To Question-Tweets!

BRAMSTOCKER Report: A lot of questions about illegal drugs in the Rock business, Fred! Can you reply? Is there a problem about this nwadays?

Fred Kelly: sure. Rock is a culture, it’s sad it’s connected to the use of drugs sometimes in the writing of journalists or at the Court!

BRAMSTOCKER Report: your legal name’s American electoral platform for the Presidential Election this year was proposing some reforms??

Fred Kelly: yes, I’m also American and proud of it. Fred Kelly is my official Screen Actors Guild name. Proud of it too. The USA are great!!

Fred Kelly: regarding the problem of the drugs, I think there must be a way to solve it in the next 10 years but it’s about US politics.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: in the Mike Fuller program (a mix fiction-reality), your projects were to give more power to doctors all over the USA!?

Fred Kelly: true. The BRAMSTOCKER is 100% drug free and I am the best example of a rocker who never use heroin or cocaine or whatever.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: but there is always this bad reputation for Rock stars and non-stars to be drug addicted sometimes, right? Bad thing!

Fred Kelly: that’s a fact. Drugs are a part of this universe that changed the world in the 60s and later. We can be careful to show us free.

Fred: if people feel sick they must go to their doctor, doctors must be more connected to Rock. There are good medications that are legal!

BRAMSTOCKER Report: obviously. If people want drugs, it means that they are sick or ill? Controls by doctors can improve social Rock life?

Fred Kelly: I think so. Dealers are not sick people’s best friends! We must be against drugs but helping the victims of this danger for us!

BRAMSTOCKER Report: Scientology is against medecines and doctors, by the way. Will your legal name continue political action in America?

Fred Kelly: no for now. MIKE FULLER is just a Comic Strip anymore (about a President who could be ours!). Fiction can improve reality!

BRAMSTOCKER Report: in the States, you are a part of the actors community, even if your main residence is abroad. What do you think about

Fred Kelly: acting for me is like for The Beatles. I’m still looking for funding with my band for the making of FRENCH COP (since 2006!!).

BRAMSTOCKER Report: your LA best friends are The Mötley Crüe. Your music is close to their original sound? Are they going to inspire you +?

Fred Kelly: for the staging maybe and the Look. I was there for their Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They are cool and spectacular!

BRAMSTOCKER Report: the new songs. They are less political, less about the revolution, right? I read some lyrics. Are you an old band now??

Fred Kelly: The Sex Pistols in London were fascinated by Anarchy, we were involved in progress in Nice, it’s true with a big France change!

Fred Kelly: The BRAMSTOCKER will never be old, we die, other musicians come. Our first producer passed away in the 90’s, 2 guitarists too.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: I heard the titles SUMMER, OF MY LIFE, COUPLE WITH YOU, LEOPARD, do you want to record an EP, first? Could be nice.

Fred Kelly: a film with the 2 repertoires. Ep possible. OF MY LIFE is really in an Offspring style, SUMMER Green Day, COUPLE WITH ME Marley!

BRAMSTOCKER Report: I didn’t know Bob Marley was a Punk. It’s incredible you play the old songs the same than in 77. I like JE VEUX SAVOIR!

BRAMSTOCKER Report: thank you, Sir. I’ll be back when more questions from the fandom. Be great for the weekend and feel well to inform us.

Fred Kelly: you’re welcome. I prepare the 18 Showcase at L’Arêne, our HQ. There will be a Flyer asap, an iconic one, Warhol oriented too.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: sorry, we didn’t speak about light illegal drugs according to readers, are you Pro-Marijuana in the US or in France???

Fred Kelly: it’s a complicated subject. I am close to the Police because of our film project (The FRENCH COP) and I read it’s gonna be Ok in

Fred Kelly: in several States. In my homestate (California), it was medical with shops in LA from the beginning of my stay. I think it is

Fred Kelly: possible to imagine some freedom about it. But the law must be clear. In France there is no project to legalize it. Wait and see

BRAMSTOCKER Report: thank you because this is an important subject. People are following the news, not only about hard drugs! Let’s wait.

Fred Kelly: I’m a smoker but only regular cigarettes!! I understand it’s important for a lot. I’m for liberalism. Your questions are great!


BRAMSTOCKER Report: so Paris Hilton now, but let’s be back to your Beatles relationship. They are your Yesterday’s surprise on Twitter?

Fred Kelly: BRAMSTOCKER is a social band with a message: love and no war between human beings. John Lennon said the same. I don’t like fools

BRAMSTOCKER Report: I can see you are in a good mood. What about this event December 18? Nice did not deserve so much creativity maybe?

Fred Kelly: it was our London in 1977, it’s still the same. People are back to the Punk, LA is an old memory for me. The 18, we invite the

population for a rehearsal.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: of course. You do that because it’s a new format or a very old one for VIPs, close friends. Everything will be Youtube?

Fred Kelly: I’m 100%. Concerts create a gap, a hiatus between us & them, meaning you. Talk about The Beatles, Im here for them, they follow!

BRAMSTOCKER Report: they invented modern Rock!? You know everything about them. They are your parents? Why Lennon was so charismatic?

Fred Kelly: he was like me a person with a destiny, I can say. Paul was more social with the journalists. Anyway, I want to to tell them

We’re still here (or there or anywhere), whatever.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: so, that’s it? We finished late last night the interview, speaking about Lennon. Your Twitter policy is to focus on it?

Fred Kelly: sure. On the Internet, Twitter is a tool to stay less underground. I checked our followers and glad to be also followed by

The official twitter channel for Prime Minister David Cameron’s office, based at 10 Downing Street.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: great, let us know when more Very important persons will show you interest. True that you rock in a very British way.

Fred Kelly: by the way, our 15 news songs are in English. On the other hand, still proud to be French, in the South, promoting our 77 tunes.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: one told me there is 1 exception with a big song in French for discotheques? That could be great 2 dance with you, guys!

Fred Kelly: that’s correct. French is a beautiful language with emotion and good vibs. I have to go now, I will stay in touch. Like Tweets.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: David Gilmour, is it a personal choice?

Fred Kelly: no my album was Dark Side of The Moon, after I was lost. Pink Floyd is more for friends who like progressive. I enjoy to listen.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: Hollywood now is far away. The BRAMSTOCKER is not your only activity. What about acting? You’re more known as a writer?

Fred Kelly: Yes. I played 1 day in the new Nicole Kidman movie in October about Grace of Monaco. No news. I’d like to act in a Swedish film.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: your girlfriend is Swedish, there they like a lot Rock’n roll music, right? In October, you also began The PUNK STORIES!

Fred Kelly: I adore Comic Strips that give the right mood for the day. Before the Staccato event, I wanted to create some funny characters!

BRAMSTOCKER Report: this is pretty hilarious but need nore diffusion, to my mind. What else? The Rolling Stones play tomorrow in NYC?

Fred Kelly: it’s what I read. I’ll be in Nice preparing Xmas and the showcase in 2 weeks. I want to tell you some ideas about our line-up.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: this is always important but, from the beginning, The BRAMSTOCKER looks like a team more than individuals tgt, correct?

Fred Kelly: the line-up is a question of opportunity for a band who never signed with a corporate label. Look, we are 35 years old and free.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: one told me that the 1st lineup members want no personal publicity. They are not in the music biz anymore, Ok with that.

Fred Kelly: exactly, they deserve respect and support in their life and career. Post-Scriptum will send them a compensation if breakthrough.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: you mean that as teenagers, you were victims of the Show Biz in 77, French and British as it’s a UK A&R who refused you?

Fred Kelly: completely, I was lucky to prepare the Sciences-Po in Paris and never quit the industry but for the 4 of us, it was a disaster.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: now, it’s all about History and you are still there, I mean you Fred to continue the “Dream”, becoming Rock stars, true?

Fred Kelly: me and the 2013 line-up, anti-stars, I would say, but more popular in the medias. It’s boring to be too underground, you know.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: the Band, more featured, to sale records too, a regular rock career, anyway? This can be possible, I think, it depends.

Fred Kelly: yeah, we’re working on it. We have this great deal with the Nice small business POST-SCRIPTUM, we can’t be refused as before.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: you’re a legend thanks to the culture market of the Rock industry but no money until now, it’s gonna change everything!

Fred Kelly: no we have our network because we had some great ideas, to publish a magazine in the 80’s and create a non-profit still in Nice.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: plus, you’re a social community, more with the Internet, with solidarity and a project of empowerment of the Rock life?

Fred Kelly: if you say so. The BRAMSTOCKER cannot be only about music as I’m the only professional, right now, of the team. We need Context.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: musicians playing in the band are guests until now ’cause no record deal. It’s gonna change in 2013. Who would you like?

Fred Kelly: I was on the phone to book the rehearsal studio where we will play the 18. It’s a historic place of Punk and Rock in Nice.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: by the way, you informed you stopped the Web as you’re not satisfied. A personal decision? Never more BRAMSTOCKER here!

Fred Kelly: I’m following Bob Dylan jurisprudence, according to me. I don’t want to express myself on the Internet about legal name’s life.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: makes a lot of sense. You need privacy now after huge transparence regarding your other activities that aren’t Music?

Fred Kelly: yeah! It’s true that it’s a little paradoxical but here we aren’t on my personal Web organization. I stopped my important blog.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: I’m sure it’s not definitive and everybody is happy. You still with us. Was necessary to focus on one subject: Rock.

Fred Kelly: I’m surprised, it’s not clear. At the same time, here I speak for BRAMSTOCKER, a band with social responsability and activism.

BRAMSTOCKER Report: So, the line-up?

Fred Kelly: yes we are all a family in Nice in the Rock-Punk community since Galopin concert we organized with Dentist (Now Playboys) in 77.

Fred Kelly: for instance, Frank, Playboys bassist, played in Bramstocker many times. In October, we had the drummer of The Electric Mormons.

Fred Kelly: in January, I would like permanent members of the band or famous guests. Nice people anyway or Paris fellows. I believe in Love.

PUNK STORIES, by BRAMSTOCKER. The Comic Strip created in October 2012.

PUNK STORIES, by BRAMSTOCKER. The Comic Strip created in October 2012.

Communique: Special Operation In Nice, France On December 18 Titled INVITATION TO A REHEARSAL And Fred Kelly Interview Upcoming On Twitter About The Beatles!

It’s official. Dedicated to The Beatles, due to the success of this starter part of the BRAMSTOCKER’s Christmas Commando (BCC) on their Web, Post-Scriptum Management organizes the Special Operation ‘INVITATION TO A REHEARSAL’ in Nice France. The BRAMSTOCKER will play in the historic rehearsal studio of L’Arêne on Tuesday, December 18 for 3 sessions of 1 hour inviting press, fans, other listeners to this festival mixing new and old tunes. All will be recorded, we hope in video, for Youtube. The iconic poster online tomorrow Friday the 7. Following on Twitter BRAMSTOCKER: a special interview of Fred Kelly, frontman about The Beatles support (the most famous band in Rock history is the very first, and only one for now, to follow The Bramstocker (the most underground band in Rock history) and their tweets (since yesterday). According to Mr. Kelly, “The Beatles were the first Punks from Hamburg to the Cavern and vice-versa (without joke) until the top of the Apple Corps building!”. Stay tuned with BCC (Ther BRAMSTOCKER Christmas Commando). From Nice, France, Europe, December 6, 2012.

Beatles in Hamburg with Stu: punks, obviously, they changed the world.

Beatles in Hamburg with Stu: punks, obviously, they changed the world.

Heavy rotation for AU PAYS DES IDEES on Blip:

On Blip, Twitter, Facebook And Youtube, BRAMSTOCKER’s Christmas Commando In Progress Followed By The Beatles Themselves!

The band produced and expecially managed by France’s POST-SCRIPTUM is organized now for a 4 weeks gig of news and tracks on the American Internet diffused worldwide.

Thank you The Beatles, you were the first Punks. Working together.

Thank you The Beatles, you were the first Punks. Working together.

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On Twitter The Beatles team is Officiel Follower of the Civic punks in Nice! This is a premiere regarding Rock Vips.

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